what the hell happened to eric nies?

January 5th, 2009

I’m laying in bed last night, enjoying a last hour of TV before shutting it all down and closing my eyes for the next 9 hours. I came across Confessions of a Teen Idol on VH1 (thank you, Brighthouse, for not completing screwing me by getting rid of all Viacom programming!) and I was instantly hooked. For those of you who didn’t catch the 1st episode, here’s a quick synopsis:

The eight-part series features former teen idols who have been brought together by Scott Baio to analyze where it all went wrong. Each hour-long episode provides a rare, never-before-seen look at fame and its consequences as the guys live together, forming a unique and exclusive support group.

confessions of a teen idol picture from VH1I seriously didn’t recognize half of the men on the show, from whatshisname who was on TJ Hooker (before my time) to the dudes from BayWatch (never watched it). I did take notice of Jamie Walters who played Ray Pruitt on Beverly Hills 90210…who could forget Donna Martin’s abusive ex-boyfriend? I couldn’t help but state at the shaggy haired surfer boy who kept a hat on for most of the scenes I saw him in…and finally the producers displayed his name…


Eric Nies of the first Real World in New York City? Eric Nies of The Grind? Eric Nies the model?

What the heck happened to Eric? Why does he look like a down and out Bill Ray Cyrus? (He’s the 3rd from the right in the picture above – the one who looks like an aging hippie.) I’ve got to keep watching, if only to find out how the golden boy of the 90′s got this tarnished image.

1st post of 2009

January 3rd, 2009

Much like my sister, I entered 2009 on a decluttering binge. I don’t expect mine to last as long as hers, but my bathroom is done. To echo Cheryl, I don’t think it’s been this organized since we moved in! My bathroom is pretty big, and I’m lucky enough to have two good sized and relatively deep closets IN the bathroom. One is used for towels and sheets and the other is for odds n’ ends. Both were organized and cleaned out, and I ended up with two big garbage bags full of things to toss. I tend to be a packrat, so I told myself if I had something more than 6 months old that was used once or less, it went into the trash. I did the same thing with my dresser the other night, and I have a whole garbage bag of clothes to donate to the local Goodwill.

I need to see if I can keep up with the decluttering for the next few weekends – after that, it’s back to school, so my free time on Saturday and Sunday will once again be severely limited.

the snail trail that came (back) for christmas

December 29th, 2008

I wasn’t going to make a second post tonight, but how can I resist? I checked my stats and noticed a HUGE traffic surge from The Consumerist, which let me to this piece on the 15 Grossest Stories of 2008, and I’m #4 on the list!

4: Why You Should Wash Your Old Navy Pants Before You Wear Them: Colleen is going to wash her clothes before she wears them from now on. Why? Well, she bought a pair of pants from Old Navy that were, well, soiled. You know. In the crotch region. By a female. The words “snail trail” were used.

I’m honored. Deeply. For the curious, I have resumed shopping at Old Navy. It’s hard to find jeans that fit me in other stores, and ON is both affordable and close to my home. That said, I was EVERYTHING now and it’s a running gag in our house to check your new clothing purchases BEFORE you leave the store!

For those of you new to the tale, you can read it for yourself here in my post entitled Old Navy Snail Trail Pants. Quite easily the most popular post ever featured on this blog, and I got huge traffic from my writeup thanks to sites like TheConsumerist.com and Fark.com!

post christmas wrap-up

December 29th, 2008

I figured I’d update you all on our Christmas escapades, which no doubt you’ve been waiting for anxiously, right? Here goes:

We had a delightful Christmas. The End.

HA! I kid, I kid. But I’m not here to brag about the things we got or bitch about what I didn’t get, because in the end none of that matters. Sure, we unwrapped some delightful gifts that cost a pretty penny (Wii? I’m looking at you!) but the end result was a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day spent with family and friends.

And to show you that the best gifts are cheap and/or free, one of my favorite things I received this year is a 30 year old photograph. My sister Cheryl and I decided not to exchange gifts this year, but she received a photo in the mail she just had to pass on to me. You see,our Aunt Doris passed away somewhat recently, so her daughter has had the task of cleaning her house out and going through her things. Aunt Doris saved EVERYTHING, so I wasn’t surprised when I received a package from her house via my sister of all our past Christmas cards and photos and the cards my children made for her. I was surprised when Cheryl presented me with one more thing from Aunt Doris’ house…a small picture of ME as a babe on our Grandma S’s lap. I should tell you here that Aunt Doris wasn’t my aunt at all, and Grandma S wasn’t my grandmother – they belonged to my siblings, but you wouldn’t have known it. Grandma (ravishing in a mint green pantsuit – hey, it was the late 1970′s!) looks just as happy to be holding me as she would one of her flesh and blood grandkids, and Aunt Doris always welcomed us into her fold as if she was a blood relative. I don’t have any pictures of myself with Grandma, so this is one I’ll treasure.

I even forced a hug on my sister after I unwrapped the picture!

thirteen used to be my lucky number

December 28th, 2008

My oldest turned thirteen this weekend, as is normal for children who have been twelve for the requisite 365 days in a row. As I’m *only* 32, I’m feeling too young to be the “mother of a teenager”, but this is what happens when you have your first child at the ripe old age of 19 years old. So far, we’ve had an easy time with this kid – she studies hard, she follows our rules, she chooses friends wisely – I can only hope it continues to go so swell.

To celebrate, we headed over to Orlando on Friday and enjoyed dinner at Ohana, located within the Polynesian Resort at Disney World. Pricy, yes, but entertaining and delicious. The kids did the limbo and participated in the coconut races, and we stuffed our faces with chicken wings (Hawaiian style!), shrimp, lo mien noodles, and of course, the world famous Ohana dessert of bread pudding with Bananas Fosters sauce on top. Saturday we headed over to Sea World for the day. I rode on Kraken with Catherine, Jim took her on Atlantis, and we spent the rest of the day enjoying the animals and the scenery.

All in all, not a bad way to celebrate getting older, whether you’re turning 13 or feeling ancient now that your oldest IS 13.

contact high

December 15th, 2008

I had to give a new hire a drug test this week. We use oral tests, so as he’s swabbing the inside of his mouth, he tells me, “If this is positive I want a retest. I was at a party with a lot of drugs this weekend so I could have a contact high.”

Umm…ok? Where to begin?

1. I’m your employer. Not your buddy, your pal, or your amigo. I don’t want to hear about how you *might* fail your drug test!
2. Contact high? The only way you’d fail is if the drugs were IN CONTACT with your body, as in being inhaled, ingested, or injected.
3. And seriously…if you KNOW you’re going to start a new job, if you’re LOOKING for a new job…lay off the drugs for a few days and detox.

one more step closer

December 14th, 2008

This week, I’m one more step closer to my Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management. It’s hard to believe that just over a year ago, I decided to return to school, and now here I am, a mere 6 months away from walking across that stage…diploma in hand! I received an A in International Business (interesting class), a B in Labor Relations (most boring class EVER) and I should get an A in Selection and Placement (best class ever). Selection and Placement not only had an amazing professor, but the course content was easy to follow…and since I now recruit people for jobs on a daily basis, it was easy to relate the course content to my day to day work routines. Yet another reason I expect an A.

Next semester I’m taking Total Compensation, Risk Management, and something else that escapes me at the moment. All I know is, I’ve only got a few classes left and I’m done! Of course, I am thinking about continuing for my MBA, if only to delay payment on my student loans!

family fun night

December 8th, 2008

Saturday night we braved the cool temperatures and headed out as a family, picking up my mother and my sister along the way. Our destination was Tarpon Springs, the town that I grew up in, for a visit to the Safford House. My sister and I grew up just blocks away (seriously – all of 2 or 3 blocks away!) from this historical treasure, only it wasn’t a treasure in those days. Despite the pretty picture on the Wikipedia page for the Safford House it used to be quite the pit. I walked past the house time and time again in my youth never realizing the store behind it, and my sister even spent days and nights at a friend’s house right next door to the Safford House and didn’t know it existed. I guess it was a wee bit overgrown in those days.

Anyway, the Safford House was constructed in the late 1880′s by a settler of Tarpon Springs, and over the years it grew from a little one store house into the two story Victorian gem it is today. My sister told me about an event they were having called “A Victorian Christmas” – basically a chance to get inside the house and see it all gussied up for the holiday. Carolers in period garb were there, as was Santa! Despite the educational factor of the trip, the kids had a great time examining the house and they really got into how different it was from houses as we know them today. I loved the Victorian architecture and detail work, and my favorite part was the LOW railing around the upstairs landing. That would SO not meet building codes today, but as the docent explained to the kids, people were a lot shorter in those days. And um…no building codes either.

The Safford House is so named for the brother and sister that lived there. Anson P. K Safford was the 3rd governor of the territory we know now as Arizona, and his sister was a prominent doctor…a rarity at that time. The other neat part of the tour were all of the old pictures of the area. It’s really neat to see a place you know like the back of your hand as it was WAY before you ever knew it. As my sister and I looked at the pictures of Spring Bayou and the houses we grew up with, we noticed houses that no longer existed and boat houses along the bayou that have since been torn down. We also learned that the Safford House used to occupy a prime spot on Spring Bayou, but it was moved to it’s present location to make room for the Clemson house. Boy oh boy did it make me nostalgic for my old hometown! With scenery like that, it’s easy to see why I miss it! (Want to see something really interesting? Here’s an old picture of the front of the Clemson house pictured above…it hasn’t changed much!)

After all of the history and educational nonsense, it was off to another favorite spot of mine in Tarpon Springs – the Tarpon Turtle! In an interesting parallel to the Safford House, the Tarpon Turtle used to be a dive of a bar, but now it’s a respectable place. We snagged a table near a TV and watched the Gators win the SEC championship. (Now you know how I got Jim to come along for family fun night!)

tis the season

December 7th, 2008

For my finals. I just wrapped up a research paper for my Staffing and Placement class (it seems hardly fair to write a paper on the work I do in my real life, but it sure makes things easy!) and I took a final for International Business earlier in the week. I’m going to tackle my Selection and Placement final next and hopefully I’ll get to my work for Labor Relations (quite possibly the most boring class ever) before the week is out.

I don’t think I’m looking at straight A’s this semester thanks to a string of B’s I’ve received in Labor Relations, but I’m over it at this point. A 3.7 isn’t that bad!

don’t hate me…

November 6th, 2008

I started my Christmas shopping today.

I got the chance to zip out of the office a bit early and found myself in the parking lot of a Kohl’s. It’s almost as if my car was on auto pilot! I didn’t find a thing for myself (the original goal of the trip into the store) but I found a little sumtin sumtin for Jim on the clearance rack that I couldn’t pass up. I already grabbed a few things for his birthday at the mall last month, so it looks like I just bought the first Christmas present of 2008.

I SWEAR I’m making a list this year of everything I buy so I don’t overspend as I’ve done in years past! When I get done with my shopping early in the season, I just CAN’T stop shopping. The end result is a ton of gifts under the tree for Jim and the kids that could last for 2 or 3 Christmases.