no more dropped calls

I am so freaking impressed with Cingular. Compared to our old cell phone carrier, T-Mobile, they rock my socks off. Not only have we had way fewer dropped calls, we have better connectivity everywhere. Tonight my phone rang inside the hockey arena where the boy takes his lessons – I NEVER got a signal there with T-Mobile. Tonight I was able to carry on a conversation with 2 seperate people…yay! I know part of the problem with T-Mobile was that we moved to the boonies north of Tampa, but the hockey arena is IN the city, so obviously T-Mobile has issues regardless. The new Razr phones are pretty sweet too. I was able to use it tonight to get on Yahoo IM – I felt so superior…LOL! And we got such a deal on them – free. You should always search around for the cell phones offering the best deal before you buy, and shopping around paid off for us.

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