long distance

At our old house, we didn’t need to bother with long distance for our home phone. We had the basic (read: cheapest) Verizon plan and if we had to call anyone long distance, we’d use our cell phones.

Here, we knew we were not going to get off that easy. We’re now a whole area code away from our friends and most family, and we can’t get a signal from our cell phones inside our house. Funsies!

Enter Pingo at http://www.pingo.com. They offer phone cards that you can purchase time with using your credit card. They give you a PIN and a toll free access number. Once you’ve registered with Pingo, you don’t even need to use your account # or PIN if you’re calling from the phones you use the most often, which makes the whole process simple and painless.

When we go to the mountains, I’m taking Pingo with me! We can’t get a cell signal at the cabins we rent, and the rental companies don’t usually offer free long distance, so Pingo will be pretty helpful on vacation.

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  1. Mel says:

    So how much do you think you have made off payperpost? Is it working for you?