cvs paid me to buy toothpaste!

Let’s talk about CVS and all of the deals that can be found there.

For months, friends have been trying to convince me to shop the deals at CVS with the ExtraCare card in hand, claiming they are actually MAKING money off shopping at CVS. Say what? I keep seeing references to the deals at CVS popping up on more and more blogs (like Money Saving Mom and Thrifty Florida Mama, and I used those blogs as a guide this week to the deals I wanted to try and snag. With time, you can perfect the methods explained on those sites so that you are never using a PENNY of your own money to shop at CVS! You just keep earning ExtraCare Bucks (ECB) with each transaction and rolling them into new deals since they’re accepted as currency at CVS!

I started out by walking into my local store and asking for a new CVS ExtraCare card. I had one years ago but who knows what happened to it. After I got my new card, I scanned it at the in store coupon kiosk. Occasionally it will print out special offers and extra coupons for you – no such luck for me on this day, so it was off to the savings.

I had my coupons from the Sunday paper with me, so I was shopping smart. I bought all of the following items in a single transaction, but I’m going to break them down here for you item by item so you can see the savings:

6 twelve packs of Coke, priced at 4/$14, or $3.50 each. When you buy more than $20 worth of Coke or Diet Coke twelve packs this week you earn $10 back in ECB! I spent $21 on the Coke, but I received $10 in ECB back on a future purchase, which brings my cost down to $10 if you count the “free money” I earned on a future purchase. $10 for 6 twelve packs?? I was instantly hooked on CVS deals.

I also bought 3 bottles of Suave body wash on sale for $2 each. When you buy $6 worth you get $2 back in ECB. I also had a $2 off 3 bottles coupon. $6 – $2 coupon = $4 – $2 in ECB = $2 overall cost for 3 bottles of body wash./

Moving onto the toothpaste – I bought 2 tubes of Colgate Advanced toothpaste on sale for $2.99 each. I had $1 off coupons for each tube, bringing my cost per tube to $1.99, and I EARNED $2.99 in ECB for each tube purchased! CVS PAID ME TO BUY TOOTHPASTE!!

How about some shampoo? With 5 heads to wash, and 3 of those heads belonging to kids who tend to overindulge in health and beauty items…well, we go through a lot of shampoo and conditioner. I bought 4 bottles of Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner for $2.99 each – total of 11.96. I had two manufacturer coupons, each for $3 off bringing my cost to $5.96. By purchasing those products, I earned $4 in ECB making my final cost $1.96 for 4 bottles of product.

Did I mention my kids are sick? Of course I needed some cold medicine and Triaminic and Theraflu are on sale! I purchased 2 bottles of Triaminic at $6.99 each for a cost of $13.98. No coupons, but I earned $5 in ECB for buying 2 bottles, making my final cost $8.98 or $4.49 per bottle.

After all was said and done, I walked out of the store having spent $61.40 before tax and with $30.98 in ECB to spend on future purchases – effectively spending only $30.42 for all of that product! And now I can roll over all of those ECB’s I accumulated into other purchases that give me ECB’s back!

3 Responses to “cvs paid me to buy toothpaste!”

  1. Julie says:

    Yes, I’m TOTALLY addicted to CVS and ECB! You got some great deals!

  2. Miss Eileen says:

    You got some great deals. I love going through the CVS circulars for deals. They are the best. You also should check around the store. Somewhere along the back wall there is usually a “marked down” place with items there at up to 75% off. Sometimes there are some great deals to grab up.

  3. I love CVSing! While we were back in the States we filled our bathrooms with “free” stuff from CVS. My wife worked the system every week and got more and more stuff. It’s great fun!