why, are you fat?

This is just what I needed to start off my weekend…I’m almost crying from laughing so hard. This guy spent Black Friday at WalMart answering phones in the store and “helping” customers. If they made a weekly sitcom out of this, I’d DVR it religiously!

“Can you tell me if you have any of the Wii fits?”

“Why, are you fat?”

7 Responses to “why, are you fat?”

  1. Jenelle says:

    nice! I hope the customer’s aren’t offended. so funny, haha

  2. Christina says:

    Hey Colleen,
    I no longer have your email and I remember your blog. Could you email me when ever you have time? I hope all is well! :) ctinab@gmail.com

  3. Julie says:

    Oh that is CLASSIC! I had to twitter it!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Somebody get that lady her medication! Haha, that was great.

  5. Anraiki says:


    “Is your baby ugly?”

    I chuckled there. New material to tell people though. “Ugly” :)

  6. Edwin says:

    Yeah…I’m fat also. heheheheh

  7. Luckily I’m not fat, but I think I would’ve been pretty offended if that was me! (I twittered too, lol)