just call me thrifty!

Today I’m taking a page out of my sister’s book and doing thrifty things. I’ve added a few frugal blogs to my Google reader and in doing so, discovered some fabulous deals. I went to Wal-Greens on my lunch break to scoop up one such deal. The store has Aquafresh toothpaste on sale for $.99 as long as you grab one of the $2 off coupons in their rebate book at the front of the store. AND…as long as you present the Wal-Greens coupon first, you can also use a manufacturer’s coupon as well, and it just so happens I had TWENTY I printed online, each for $1 off.

So to recap, $2.99 toothpaste, $2 Wal-Greens coupon, $1 store coupon…hey, they owe ME money now! (Not quite that good you see…I had to pay tax!)

Tonight on my way home I stopped by Publix. Again, coupons in hand, this time for $1 off a box of Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast and $1 off packages of Barber stuffed chicken breasts. The Texas toast was on sale and rang up at .35 a box after the coupons. The chicken was Buy One Get One Free at $4.99, and since Publix allows you to use one coupon on each item purchased (regardless if it is “free” or not) I was able to use a $1 off coupon on each box. $4.99 for two boxes – $2 in coupons = $2.99 for two boxes = $1.50 or so per box. Phew!

I set a New Years Resolution to really try to save money at the grocery store this year and I think I’m on my way!

3 Responses to “just call me thrifty!”

  1. Cheryl says:

    You have learned well Grasshopper!

  2. Kathy says:

    Looks like a fun blog. I am wondering if you were born in 1976 or that’s just when your life became a charmed life. I used to do more of the thrifty coupon use like that. Now I am trying to organize (and/or eliminate) many of the bargains my family has accumulated over the years.

  3. Carrie says:

    That’s a good start! I go through waves of more and less frugal, but I need to get back into the groove.