the snail trail that came (back) for christmas

I wasn’t going to make a second post tonight, but how can I resist? I checked my stats and noticed a HUGE traffic surge from The Consumerist, which let me to this piece on the 15 Grossest Stories of 2008, and I’m #4 on the list!

4: Why You Should Wash Your Old Navy Pants Before You Wear Them: Colleen is going to wash her clothes before she wears them from now on. Why? Well, she bought a pair of pants from Old Navy that were, well, soiled. You know. In the crotch region. By a female. The words “snail trail” were used.

I’m honored. Deeply. For the curious, I have resumed shopping at Old Navy. It’s hard to find jeans that fit me in other stores, and ON is both affordable and close to my home. That said, I was EVERYTHING now and it’s a running gag in our house to check your new clothing purchases BEFORE you leave the store!

For those of you new to the tale, you can read it for yourself here in my post entitled Old Navy Snail Trail Pants. Quite easily the most popular post ever featured on this blog, and I got huge traffic from my writeup thanks to sites like and!

8 Responses to “the snail trail that came (back) for christmas”

  1. Julie says:

    That’s AWESOME! LOL!

  2. Anna says:

    OH MY GOD LMFAO no friggin way, this made my day.

  3. Loretta says:

    LMAO that’s awesome that your post was recognized, even if it’s for something icky. I had almost forgotten about that story.

  4. Oh Colleen, why did I click over here to read that – again – gaaaaaaagggggg…

    At least I KNOW better than to go read 3, 2 and 1!

    Congratulations, I think :)

  5. Kristal Hite says:

    I loved this story, even though it did make me throw up a little bit in my mouth! I loved it so much that I sent it to all my girlfriends…. and they TOO threw up a little in their mouths!

    Glad to hear you still shop there. You definitely changed MY shopping habits – I ALWAYS check the insides now before purchase!

    Happiest of all new years!


  6. John Lynn says:

    That’s awesome. Both that it was soiled and that you got so much traffic from it.

    How much did it sell for?

  7. Michael Warf says:

    This type of item could soon find its way into Japanese vending machines…

  8. Sam says:

    Oooh! “Snail trail” – it turns my stomach just to type it! Thanks for the warning though! Cool blog!