post christmas wrap-up

I figured I’d update you all on our Christmas escapades, which no doubt you’ve been waiting for anxiously, right? Here goes:

We had a delightful Christmas. The End.

HA! I kid, I kid. But I’m not here to brag about the things we got or bitch about what I didn’t get, because in the end none of that matters. Sure, we unwrapped some delightful gifts that cost a pretty penny (Wii? I’m looking at you!) but the end result was a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day spent with family and friends.

And to show you that the best gifts are cheap and/or free, one of my favorite things I received this year is a 30 year old photograph. My sister Cheryl and I decided not to exchange gifts this year, but she received a photo in the mail she just had to pass on to me. You see,our Aunt Doris passed away somewhat recently, so her daughter has had the task of cleaning her house out and going through her things. Aunt Doris saved EVERYTHING, so I wasn’t surprised when I received a package from her house via my sister of all our past Christmas cards and photos and the cards my children made for her. I was surprised when Cheryl presented me with one more thing from Aunt Doris’ house…a small picture of ME as a babe on our Grandma S’s lap. I should tell you here that Aunt Doris wasn’t my aunt at all, and Grandma S wasn’t my grandmother – they belonged to my siblings, but you wouldn’t have known it. Grandma (ravishing in a mint green pantsuit – hey, it was the late 1970′s!) looks just as happy to be holding me as she would one of her flesh and blood grandkids, and Aunt Doris always welcomed us into her fold as if she was a blood relative. I don’t have any pictures of myself with Grandma, so this is one I’ll treasure.

I even forced a hug on my sister after I unwrapped the picture!

2 Responses to “post christmas wrap-up”

  1. Loretta says:

    Now THAT is a good christmas gift! I hate it when so much junk gets passed around and the real gifts are forgotten. Sounds like a great holiday all around. (and woohoo for a Wii!)

  2. Cheryl says:

    The best gifts are FREE!