tis the season

For my finals. I just wrapped up a research paper for my Staffing and Placement class (it seems hardly fair to write a paper on the work I do in my real life, but it sure makes things easy!) and I took a final for International Business earlier in the week. I’m going to tackle my Selection and Placement final next and hopefully I’ll get to my work for Labor Relations (quite possibly the most boring class ever) before the week is out.

I don’t think I’m looking at straight A’s this semester thanks to a string of B’s I’ve received in Labor Relations, but I’m over it at this point. A 3.7 isn’t that bad!

One Response to “tis the season”

  1. Franklin says:

    Nice job! School is absolutely killing me, I’m wanting to pull my hair out over these ledgers. I can’t seem to get into my groove this semester (and its already over!). Great GPA too btw, I’m looking at a 3.5 overall this semester but want to improve next semester.