surprise, give me money

The weekend flew by.

Saturday, we pulled off a huge surprise. Since May, my sister and I have been planning a surprise party for my mother. Saturday was the big day and it was amazing! She didn’t have a clue, and we had around 30 guests show up – everyone from coworkers to old friends she’s known longer than I’ve been alive. In addition to the friends and family who celebrated in person, we had scores of cards to give her from relatives and friends around the world. It was fun…but exhausting, and I’m done with surprises for a while.

In just over a week, I’m heading to New York City for my Avon Walk. I’m just about $400 from my fundraising goal, so how about a donation?

One Response to “surprise, give me money”

  1. Loretta says:

    you rock ;-) Planning a big surprise like that isn’t easy by any means.

    I threw a surprise party for hubby on his 25th birthday … yeah, he found out like 3 days before the party.