print me a postcard

Now that Gracie’s birthday is over, she’s got a LOT of thank you cards to write. Not only did both grandmother’s, both aunts, etc get her gifts, but we had a passel of youngins here on Saturday for the party and they all spoiled her! I was trying to think of a really cute and fun way for her to say thank you when I saw a site called PS Print Printing tonight. postcard picThey’ll turn any photograph or image into a postcard or a greeting card, which means I could take the darling picture of Grace and her friends on the slide and have it made into a postcard…she can then write her thank you on the back and we can mail it for half the price of a traditional thank you note. I’m thinking that most of the 6th grade girls who came to the party would rather have a picture of the group to keep than a plain old thank you note – wouldn’t you?

Postcard printing isn’t just for thank you notes either…I can think of 100 ways you can use them:

  • Open house advertisements for a realtor
  • Non-traditional Christmas cards
  • Engagement announcements
  • Moving announcements (use a picture of your new house!)

Just upload a picture and decide on a few print options and you’re well on your way towards amazing people with your craftiness. They’ll wish they had thought of it first!

One Response to “print me a postcard”

  1. I think your right the kids will love the photo. And I might add, your teaching your daughter well, having her send thank you’s..

    My best..

    Dorothy from grammology