have yourself a staycation this summer

We’re only taking a short vacation this year. Not quite the “staycation” that plenty of folks are doing to save on gas, but almost. We’ll be driving a few hours to a port on the other side of Florida and getting on a cruise. Previously, we had looked at renting a vacation home or cabin and driving somewhere for a week, but gas is way too expensive to think about going on a 1,000 mile drive.

If you’re thinking about your own vacation plans, and want to try having a “staycation”, you don’t need to stay at home. Just think about places within a short drive of your hometown that will be like a vacation to visit. Siesta Key hotels are one such option for residents of Tampa Bay. Siesta Key is located in the Sarasota area, just two hours south, but it’s a whole ‘nother world. Or even Destin vacation rentals up in the Florida panhandle. Live in Denver? Check into Breckenridge lodging and take advantage of the summer sports and outdoor activities that a ski area offers. No matter where you live, you can find vacation homes and rentals are Rentalo.com, and what I’ve found is that many owners are offering GREAT deals to entice people to rent in this time of economic crisis. We’ve watched the price on the rental we almost got drop several times. No matter if you want to rent a house, or a hotel room, or a bedt and breakfast – Rentalo.com can give you the hookup to make your staycation a bit more interesting.

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