hand me down

Our neighbor just dropped off two garbage bags in my driveway, FILLED with clothes for Matthew. His son, while the same age as Matthew, is a couple of sizes bigger. This is the same guy who when he heard Matthew wanted a leather jacket gave us one that didn’t fit his son anymore. The same style of Gap leather jacket I’d seen online for $100! It’s always nice to get hand me downs that are in good shape, but it’s even nicer when they’re brand name, high quality clothes you can use for more than just play clothes.

Now, who has some hand me downs for ME?

3 Responses to “hand me down”

  1. Joy Smith says:

    Gently used clothing is sooo much more reasonable than new clothing. I quit shopping at wal-mart because lately, they’re clothing is crap. I’d much rather go to yard sales to find clothing anyway. A much better selection. :D

  2. Leeboski says:

    No more w-word, ok, Sweetie?

    The Leeman HATES the w-word.

  3. Leeboski says:

    But i still love you. :)