i pink puffy heart half.com

I finished the last of my schoolwork a few days ago (scoring a 93% on my math final!) and decided to see what the bookstore would offer me on my books. On the math book that I paid close to $150 for new, they offered me $25. Umm…no?

I listed it on Half.com that same afternoon, and it sold within 5 hours. Other copies were going for $57 and up, maxing out at about $65, so I listed mine at $56.99 making it the cheapest option, and added that it was barely used since I never studied. HA! Since then, I’ve listed my other two books and they went just as quick. I didn’t make ALL of my money back, but I made a lot more than the bookstore was offering.

And with this post, I’m noting the addition of a new category on my blog to talk about all things school related. Appropriately, it’s called “Hot College Coed”. That should bring in the pizorn traffic!

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  1. Tim says:

    What the hell, I came here looking for naked pictures of college coeds…???