four survivor blindsides in a row!

Caution: Survivor spoilers ahead…avert your eyes if you haven’t watched last night’s episode!

After 16 seasons of Survivor, I don’t think I’d be going out on a limb when I say that this is the BEST.SEASON.EVER. The game of Fans Vs. Favorites got off to a slow start, what with Johnny Fairplay dropping out right away (I was hoping he’d bring the drama!) and great players like Jonathan Henner and James the gravedigger being sidelined for injuries. Finally though, with the last four episodes, things have gotten HOT! Four blindsides in a row – FOUR! Ozzy, then Jason, then Alexis, and now Eric? Huge, HUGE props to the remaining players for FINALLY pulling it together and having an all female final 4. That’s never happened, right? Usually, the girls aren’t smart enough to pull it off, but the finally did it. I can’t believe Eric fell for giving up his immunity idol – he really is a wide eyed innocent kid after all!

(Best quote from last night: “I don’t want to be an ice cream boy. I want to be an ice cream man!”)

I’m going to be so impressed if Amanda and Parvati and Cirie can keep it together to end up as the final three. Amanda has played an amazing game – she’s a completely different person than she was last time.

3 Responses to “four survivor blindsides in a row!”

  1. Lynn says:

    I could not believe Eric gave up immunity! He is really young and naive but still he has watched this show for years. He should have known better than to trust any of those girls and realize that as a competitor he had dominated the last few challenges, so he had a decent shot of winning immunity again.

    But hats off to the girls. I don’t remember a final four all girls before. I know that the women have talked about sticking together before but usually crumble at some point.

    heh. I loved that quote, too. All I could think was “bless his heart.” :) I can’t believe all the blindsides that have been pulled off this season. It really has been fun to watch. Amanda has stepped up her game this season. I think Ozzy getting voted off has really given her a chance to shine as a player and possibly win this.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Agreed, this season started off slow – but has turned into the BEST SEASON EVER! Hat’s off to the chicks for pulling it off!

  3. Spice says:

    Thursday nights episode was AWESOME! I still cannot believe Eric fell for that. Amanda all the way baby!