my famous summer chore chart

With summer vacation comes my famous summer chore chart. It’s not much of a chart – it’s more of a list of chores assigned to each child, with certain things to be done every day (make your bed, put away the laundry) and other things to be done twice a week (vacuum, clean the bathroom). The current chore chart has been on my fridge since last summer…outdated much? This summer I’m thinking of switching to a free printable chore charts that will let the kids mark off when they’ve done things day by day, instead of leaving it up to them to remember, which usually results in missed chores.

For those of you wondering, we do chores during the school year too, but they’re not required like summer chores. There are some days when it’s enough to go to school, do homework, and play – I want the kids to be tidy, but I don’t want them tied down. We tend to worry about the chores on the weekend when they have more free time. We also don’t tie the chores into an allowance. I expect chores to be done in return for being a member of the family. You don’t want to put away your laundry? Well, I don’t feel much like doing it, but the work needs to be done!

2 Responses to “my famous summer chore chart”

  1. Jay35055 says:

    I tell my wife all the time just how spoiled our kids really are. They do some things around the house but do expect to get money for it. I tell them I won’t pay them to clean there rooms or their bathrooms. I do however give them money if they work in the yard.Chores to be done in return for being a member of the family is a good lesson I believe worth teaching them.

  2. Loretta says:

    If my printer was working I would totally print out the Ninja chart for Lucas! Those are really cute, way better than my boring looking lists.