the good old days at busch gardens tampa

Fellow blogger Leebo of The Leebo Show is a friend of my sister’s, and that’s how I came to read his blog. I keep reading it because he’s one funny guy, even if he doesn’t understand the pink puffy heard concept. He had some excellent posts last week about Tampa Bay entertainment history that will give anyone who has lived in Tampa for some time warm fuzzies in their nether regions. It all started with a great post about Gordon Solie, who was a wrestling announcer here in Tampa back in the days of GOOD wrestling. As you can see from the comments, my sister and both have fond wrestling memories. Although, not from wrestling each other, hot as that would be.

Leebo went on to discuss Dr. Paul Bearer next, after I mentioned him in the comments. If you EVER watched a horror movie on Channel 44 in Tampa during the 70′s and 80′s, you’ll remember this guy and Creature Feature. The movies were horribly campy, but the entertainment value was priceless. If that wasn’t enough, Leebo gave us some classic Channel 44 commercials – check out those fations!

I’ve come up with my own bit of Tampa history, featuring one of my favorite locations – Busch Gardens! There is many a picture of me in the family photo albums playing at the theme park, which in those days, was less theme and more park. You could play on the swing ride or see a variety show at the Stanleyville theater, or head into the on site Anheuser-Busch brewery, which always smelled like yeast. I’ve got pictures of me holding a parrot on each arm after watching the bird show, and pictures of my siblings dancing to the Oompa Band music at the Fest Haus. Those were the good old days, kids!

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