i play the mother of jesus

Guess who got an A in her statistics class?
Guess who got a 95% on her religion midterm?
Guess who got a 90% on her term paper for religion?
Guess who got an A++++ on her presentation for religion? (I believe the teacher was quoted as saying it’s the BEST she ever got!)
Guess who is kicking butt and taking names in her return to college?

It’s me! I did the presentation last week and it was actually quite hilarious. Our professor allowed us to do whatever we wanted, as long as it was about our term paper. I wrote my term paper on The Miracles at Fatima, which is when Mary appeared to three young children over the course of 6 months in Fatima, Peru. We already had a Mary costume from when my oldest attended Catholic school and was in a school production as Mary, so I decided to put it to good use.

Yes, that’s right, I played the Mother of Jesus for my presentation. ME.

I scripted a short movie and had the children play the three children from Fatima. I threw on the Mary costume and said wonderfully insightful things on camera like “Pray the rosary, children.” I ran the video through Windows Movie Maker and turned it into a black and white film, and then added the aging filter on top so it looked like old footage. When it was my turn to present in class, I stood up and gave a little back story (false, of course) on how my term paper research had led me to find this amateur footage from Fatima that no one knew about…

End result? Hilarious. Me as Mary is funny all on it’s own, but the class loved the whole movie. My teacher had a huge grin on her face, which is good, considering she’s got her Master’s in Pastoral Ministry – I was worried she’d think the concept of me as Mary was sacrilegious.

Edited to add: Amy asked to see the video in the comments, so I uploaded it to YouTube:

5 Responses to “i play the mother of jesus”

  1. Amy says:

    Oh my gosh – I want to see that! LOL!

  2. suni says:

    that was really cool. i never knew that stuff!

  3. alli says:

    That was totally excellent. You deserve to be an A+ student for all the work and effort you put into everything. Good for you!

  4. Ooooh, you smarty pants!! Wowsers – you get sexier with every A! ;)

    The video was both wonderful and funny!!!

  5. Jules says:

    That is so great, and CONGRATULATIONS on all your achedemic success!