adults only weekend in nyc

I’m just itching to plan another vacation. We can’t settle on the family vacation just yet, due to scheduling conflicts, so the next trip I’ve got on the books is my Avon Walk in New York City this October. At this point it looks like the friend I’ll be traveling with is agreeable to staying an extra day in the city to explore (provided we’re not too exhausted from the walk), and I’m excited about that! I haven’t been to New York City in years and years, not since I was in high school. On that trip, we visited Ellis Island, walked all over mid town Manhattan, and caught a Broadway show…but we skipped the Metropolitan Museum of Art – no time!

I think before our walk starts on Friday it would be neat to take a quick tour of the city to get our bearings. Trusted Tours & Attractions offers tours in NYC and also lists things to do in New York on their tours page, for those of you who want to go it alone. Jim is dying to take the kids on a trip to the Big Apple, so I’m all for hearing about family vacation ideas, but October will be an adults only trip. Sex and the City tour, anyone?

While I’m on the topic of NYC, I should tell you about my 2nd trip there. I was 9 or so, and my parents took me to the city for the day, along with our exchange student we had that semester. While we were eating pizza at Sbarro, my mom put her purse on the floor…guess what was missing when we got up? We never saw anyone come NEAR our table or the chairs, so we were shocked to realize her purse had been stolen. When we got back to New Jersey that night, where we were staying with my grandmother, a man got in touch with us – he had found the purse under his car and tracked us down! Her money (only $10) was missing, and she had already canceled the credit cards, but it’s amazing that someone found the purse and went through the trouble of finding her, isn’t it?

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  1. Gigi says:

    Whoo Hoo! I can’t wait till October! This will be the first “adult” trip I’ve taken in over 6 years! I’m soooo ready!