the backstreet boys are divas

How awesome was the Celebrity Apprentice last night? I’m so happy Trace made it to the finals…he’s amazing, and he’s come up with some fabulous ideas while making friends instead of enemies. I was so excited to hear that the Backstreet Boys would be part of the charity event…not that I’m a huge fan, but I do think they’ve got talent, and I’ve always thought they were a nice bunch of guys. Then I got to see them during the morning meeting with Trace.

The Backstreet Boys are a bunch of whiny bitches.

Did you SEE that rider list? Forget Van Halen and their green M&M’s – the Backstreet Boys go way above that with their stupid requests for wheatgrass and 37 kinds of bottled drinks. Are you freaking kidding me? What a bunch of divas…and they are HAS BEEN divas! When was the last you saw this crew pull in a huge crowd? They’ve got no right to act like huge, demanding stars, and it’s a shame that they’re making such demands at an event for CHARITY! I can’t wait to see Trace shove a size 11 boot up their collective asses. I couldn’t have been more shocked, and obviously Trace Atkins could not have been more shocked to see 4 grown men acting like spoiled stars.


7 Responses to “the backstreet boys are divas”

  1. Tina Silva says:

    OMG…I saw that and was like WTFFFF…I hate stuck up people and that’s exactly how they were coming across as. Everything about how the backstreet boys portrayed themselves just left me to believe they are just dumbasses and like you said, spoiled … ya definitely spoiled brats.

  2. Cheryl says:

    OMG – ME TOO! I am like , you bunch of has been sissy whiners!!! You are NOBODY’s now – and you think you have HAT kind of pull!!!
    And I have Loved Trace alll along, I hope he kicks Piers’ ass!!!

  3. Amy says:

    Yeah – the BSB were totally lame. I thought Trace was going to punch them in the throat. You know he wanted to. LOL

  4. Jules says:

    My DVR didn’t record it :( I was watching Lost and recording it, and it ALWAYS records CA, but not this time. I want to cry :( Oh oh! Can I see it online??

  5. Loretta says:

    spoiled little rich boys, go figure LOL

  6. Kristin says:

    As a fan of the original BSB (they’re not the same without Kevin) I was appalled at how Nick in particular acted. I certainly expected more of Brian, who as a born-again believer should know how to be charitable.

    At first I thought Nick asked for “weed grass”, and after I picked my jaw up off the floor, I realized he said “wheat” not “weed.”