this is going to go on your permanent record

(Thanks to Marisa for the inspiration on the title!)

I’m in trouble with the school principal….LMAO!

I just went to drop the kids off, and we were late. Catherine’s bus was already loading, and the line for drop off was HUGE, so I cut into the employee parking lot, next to the bus loop, and dropped off. As Grace and Matthew walked into the school I saw the guidance counselor intercept them, no doubt thrilled with spotting such evil rule breakers first thing in the morning!

Not 10 minutes later at home the school principal called me to find out if it was me, and said that one her staff told her I did it. I said, “Yes, I have no doubt she did, I saw her confront my child as soon as she walked up.” Principal says, “Well, we don’t allow that, and I want to make sure it won’t happen again.” I couldn’t resist replying with this super sweet “oh my gosh” attitude, “Oh, no ma’am, you can be ‘sho of that!” And then dropped a “Buh bye” on her.

Seriously? One day I break the rules and get a call within 10 minutes? The school must be running beautifully if I’m the principals greatest concern at 9am in the morning.

3 Responses to “this is going to go on your permanent record”

  1. Mr. Fabulous says:

    Sigh…in trouble at school. Just like when you were a kid…

  2. Joy Smith says:

    HA HA! Your school is just as terrific as ours. My husband and I dropped the kids off in the waiting zone early one morning. I sat in the truck with it still running while my husband ushered the kids to the front door of the school. The next thing I know, someone is tapping on the truck window and a teacher is yelling that I cannot park there!

    I tried to explain to her we weren’t parked, but by then my husband was back and we decided isn’t wasn’t worth arguing over. It took the school two days later to remind us that the drop off zone is not for parking. Hmm.

    Now kids and tempatures at that school are an even more exciting story!

  3. Marisa says:

    One more time and they’ll have to call your mother in, you know. And that whole candy bar incident will come out all over again. ;)