obtain cisco certification online

According to research I read this week at work, unemployment is up. With more people out of work and actively seeking new positions, the talent pool is that much deeper, so employers can truly cherry pick the right person for the job out of hundreds of qualified people. While you’re out of work, or even when you’re gainfully employed, don’t forget to keep brushing up on new skills and making sure your current certifications are up to date.

Having that new Cisco certification could be your ticket to a new job, or even a raise at your current employer. GlobalKnowledge.com is a worldwide leader in IT and business training, offering training via the internet, their own centers, or even private facilities. That means if my company decides that all help desk analysts need to get up to speed on Oracle, GlobalKnowledge.com can come right to our office to train all available staff, or set up the coursework online. They also offer Six Sigma training and certification, which is something several people on my team are involved in, and something I’m seeing more and more as a request for when hiring mid to senior level management.

More training and certifications can only help to broaden your scope as a valuable employee, and sites like GlobalKnowledge.com can make it easy for you to become a hot commodity in today’s hiring environment.

2 Responses to “obtain cisco certification online”

  1. Amy says:

    We used Globale Knowledge for a few classes at my last job – they are a good place. And Rob is wishing he had his Cisco certification right about now!

  2. Amy says:

    Global – not Globale. I typed it wrong at first the second time, too! What’s that about?