no time for seo, hire a pro

Since I started school in January, my free time has been in a decline. I used to be able to devote a little bit of time each day to working on my blogs – not just writing content, but adding new plugins, visiting new sites, signing up for new services, exchanging links, and the like. Well, with the free time, all of those things stopped. I barely have time to update with regular entries some days! I also hate wasting my time trying 100 different things if only one or two of those things is really going to work to bring in traffic and build links. This is no doubt why people hire a professional link building service to market their websites – lack of time, and lack of expertise! Pepperjam can provide you with a professional consultation that can ensure your site is search engine optimized and build links and traffic for you, so that your time is free to do what you need to do. In my case, it would be buying more pants from Old Navy – that silly story brought in a ton of traffic…and still is!

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