how low will it go?

We had storms roll through the Tampa Bay area yesterday, and they didn’t seem all that bad to me. I was safely ensconced in my office and unaware of the weather outside. I got hit with rain on my way home, but I didn’t experience a single power outage. When I drove the kids to school this morning, I noticed one of my neighbor’s trees had completely toppled over from the wind…I guess we’re lucky we didn’t experience the same!

Since the rain and wind yesterday, it’s gotten progressively colder here. As I sat at the baseball field tonight during Matthew’s practice the thermometer in my car indicated that the temp had dropped another 10 degrees or so, and it’s below 50 out right now. It’s predicted to hit an overnight low of 28 in some areas around Tampa Bay which means our strawberry crop may be in peril.

My kids of course, are hoping for snow. It never snows in Florida (well, I shouldn’t say never – we saw some flurries back in 1988 or so) but each time the temperature drops this low, they cross their fingers and hope. The best we’ll see is frost on the roof and a little ice on our windshields.

One Response to “how low will it go?”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’d be glad to send them some of our snow!