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We frequently entertain the notion of buying property out of state, in the mountains “somewhere”. Up until last year, “somewhere” was always defined as being North Carolina or Tennessee, in the areas of either Boone or Gatlinburg we’ve visited so often on vacation. Both vacation spots are only a (long) day’s drive from our home in Florida, acreage is still affordable, and the views can’t be beat. It was only after my friend Amy’s trip to Virginia that it occurred to us we might be missing out on something in that state as well. Amy went to Catawba, Virginia, and the pictures she shared with me later were amazing. I never realized that corner of Virginia was so pretty, having only enjoyed the state from my drives along I-95 in the past.

I immediately went online to check out the major real estate sites for listings in this pretty area outside of Blacksburg, Virginia, and was sorely disappointed by the options. I don’t even think recognized that the area existed, and I found two parcels for sale – TWO! By comparison, provides you with every single town in the state, from Arlington real estate to Yorktown, Virginia. The area around Blacksburg is represented as part of Roanoke, and you have the option of browsing all listings, viewing listing locations on a map, or creating a custom search for properties you’re interested in. All of the listings are shown on a Google map, so you can see at a glance what listings exist, and in which towns. It’s very user friendly, and I can see the site becoming a huge distraction for me!

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