my boyfriend got traded

Jim just called me with the bad news. brad richardsMy boyfriend, Brad Richards, who played hockey for the Tampa Bay Lightning, was traded today to the Dallas Stars. Sniff, sniff. Brad has been playing as a center on the Tampa Bay Lightning for years and besides being freaking adorable (he’s definitely a pretty hockey player), he’s a nice guy. I wouldn’t pick some jackass to be my hockey boyfriend, you know!

Brad started The Brad Richards Foundation, Inc., which contributes funds to children enduring chronic and life threatening illnesses. Brad has a suite at the St. Pete Times Forum that he donates to patients of Children’s Cancer Center, Inc. and the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Inc. The suite is known as “Richy’s Rascals Suite Escape”, and it gives kids a chance to enjoy hockey games in style, with DVDs, books, games, arts and crafts, and information about hockey, Brad, and the Stanley Cup. The highlight of the suite is a red light that the kids can light up each time a goal is scored. The kids who visit the suite don’t just attend the game – they get to visit with Brad and pose for pictures and get autographs in the locker room, and they take home hockey goodies.

We had the opportunity to meet Brad Richards and his best friend, Lighting player Vinnie Lecavalier, at a book signing in 2005. It was there that I decided Brad would be my hockey boyfriend – not only because he’s so easy on the eyes (see pictures for proof!), but because he was so nice to my son! Brad really made an effort to talk to him while we were getting our book signed, and it was an experience we’ll never forget.

Brad, you’ll be missed in Tampa Bay.

2 Responses to “my boyfriend got traded”

  1. Mel says:

    I am SO sad. He gave me a reason to want to sit behind them at the games!

    I loved to watch him play. He will be missed.

  2. Joy Smith says:

    I am sorry to hear that he’s gone on to another team. It’s awesome that he cares so much about the kids. That’s what I loved about Sting and Goldberg in wrestling. :) It’s like an AWWWW seeing a big guy get all choked up over little kids who are suffering from things like cancer.