emails and inlines

Gah. So much for turning on my out of office and not looking back. I came home from dinner out with the family and found a few work emails, so like a good worker bee, I took care of ‘em. After the awesome review I got from my boss last week, I don’t want to let her down, right?

On the way home from dinner, we stopped at Target. I needed socks for the trip (with 40 degree temps, I need to wear my sneakers) and we browsed a few of the endcaps for clearance items. We found rollerblades in adult sizes for $13, so my oldest snagged a pair for herself. Remember when everyone was rollerblading in the 90′s? I even had a pair, complete with pads for my knees and elbows. Yeah, huge dork alert. I used mine a few times on the trail and decided all of that sweating was for suckers.

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