audio ads

When I attended Blog World Expo back in November, I learned a lot about advertising on blogs and websites. Back in the day (1997 – 2001) I ran a website for moms that was somewhat successful, but 6 years ago on the internet might as well be considered the stone ages. Advertising has changed drastically since then, and one of the biggest changes (to me, anyway) is that more and more bloggers are building successful sites and making money online. (Example: me!)

One of the newest forms of blog advertising is so new, it’s not even available yet, but believe me, as soon as Pay-Per-Play opens for business, it’s going to make a splash. This 5 second audio ads plays to your visitors as they view your site, and the advertisers are a select bunch, like HBO, Taco Bell, and even Harley Davidson. Each visitor will only hear the ad once, and there’s no click through required, AND visitors stay at YOUR site – they’re not redirected somewhere else.

On top of the commissions you can earn for your visitors hearing the ad, you can currently sign up as a Pay-Per-Pay affiliate and each commissions off each new blogger / webmaster that signs up after hearing your pitch.

You’ve heard mine – why not give it a try? The site launches in February of 2008!

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