the great debate

Almost 40 years ago, history was made, when the first televised Presidential debates were aired. Televisions were no longer a novelty item, and most American homes had a TV set, which enabled more than 60 million American viewers (and voters!) to tune in. A series of four debates was aired between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, and it’s said that President Kennedy won the election because of his television presence. When compared to Nixon, Kennedy was obviously the better looking of the two, he was younger, he was fit, athletic looking, tanned, and well rested. By comparison, Nixon was ill, had lost weight, wore poor fitting clothing, and refused to wear makeup on television. When it came time to head to the polls, half of all votes said that the televised debates influenced their opinion, and 6% said they made their votes based solely on the televised debates.

I’ll admit to being influenced by how a candidate appeared on television as well. I was impressed by the charisma displayed by Bill Clinton, and how he was able to speak to young people as a peer, and not talk down to young voters. I watched him play the sax on late night TV, and I listened to someone on MTV ask him, “Boxers or briefs?” It was that impression he made on me, via the television, along with where he stood on the issues that gave him my vote in the first election I participated in.

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