catalyst office launches

I broke yet another laptop this week. It just stopped working properly for the most part, so I spent a lot of time getting my files backed up coordinating with people to get back on track. At the same time, I had to meet with coworkers in other offices about some new processes I’m taking over, and trying to get that taken care of with a laptop operating at half speed…what a nightmare! I had a conference call with one coworker, only to realize that I no longer had the programs needed so that we could share a remote desktop. In the end, we cobbled together a solution that required her requesting remote assistance with me via Windows Messenger, and I was able to share her desktop. It frustrates me to no end when workarounds are needed like that due to working with Microsoft and Windows – all because we didn’t share the same programs between our two PC’s! Add to that the issues that our office has with users who need to remote in from somewhere off the network, users who need access to email when they are away from their computers, and everyone having a different IM platform – supporting all of this is a nightmare.

catalystWhen I heard about Catalyst launching recently, I was intrigued. This small business software combines all of the features and programs offered by Microsoft & Windows into one productivity suite that goes where you do. The web based email gives you the option to take your email with you, and since it doesn’t require a server, you save money on staff and support. Employees can easily share files (and it doesn’t require various drives to be mapped, like in my organization) and you can email files and documents from the file view, without going to your email. Employees can also have personal folders for private files. How about the instant messaging? Catalyst allows the system to be closed to employees only, so IM’s can’t be shared or sent to those outside the company. It’s also a great way to see who is in the office at a glance.

Because the whole suite is web based, it’s portable and easier to maintain – everyone has the same access to the same programs and features. Right now, Catalyst is offering a free trial of their program for 30 days, which will allow you to see what Catalyst can do for your small business. Visit the Catalyst launch blog for upcoming news and tips as well.

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