site changes and mousellaneous

I didn’t do much blogging here today because I’ve been busy tweaking my new layout. I loved the custom theme Laura made for me, but with my blog advertising taking off I needed something a bit more sponsor friendly. LaDonna made some changes to what Laura had done, and the end result is a new twist on the old look that should last me a while, and she did it at a great price. (You can’t make money without spending a little money!)

When that was done, I set out to create some pages to display in the header above, and then I decided to finally upgrade WordPress. Phew! There are still things to be done, but I’m done for the night. The open houses today and the new pets we bought have taken their toll.

Yes, I said new pets. We went to PetCo tonight and came home with 2 new additions to the family. Oreo is the black and white mouse that Matthew picked out, and Gracie chose a tan and white mouse she’s calling Mickey. As LaDonna said, you can’t even tell we’re Disney fans!

mouse mom

Aren’t they cute? (The kids, not the mice!) I’ve been playing mouse moving mom all night, moving the mice from their little exercise balls to their new home and back again. They’re active little guys, going crazy on their wheel and scurrying about their new home. They’re enjoying the treats the kids put in there too. All that fun for just $1.99 per mouse, and I can rest easy tonight knowing we saved a mouse from becoming snake food. My good deed for the day!

3 Responses to “site changes and mousellaneous”

  1. Sheila says:

    I like the new layout!
    It is a cute photo of the kids, but mice? Eeek! We have a cat who would go crazy if we had another animal.!

  2. Mr. Fabulous says:

    I like the tweakings! Very crisp and clean and bright!

  3. LaDonna says:

    Don’t forget that once you get your sidebars the way you want on the main page to go back and make the same changes to sidebar_single.php so they look right on your comment pages!