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RomanGreenbergShortsI love rooting for the underdog, or the dark horse. It’s more fun when someone really works hard for success, isn’t it? Roman Greenberg is one of those people working hard for success. He’s only 24, and yet, he’s already a professional boxing heavyweight. He fights like an old hand, and has an undefeated 25-0 record, and 17 knockouts. The people behind (a site for online backgammon fanatics) have been sponsoring Greenberg since his career started, and have come up with a very unusual way to raise money for charity. The online backgammon company is auctioning off a pair of Roman Greenberg’s boxing shorts that they’ve purchased from Greenberg. The money will help Greenberg continue his training efforts in hopes of becoming a WBO heavyweight champ. The shorts will be auctioned off – bidding starts at $100,000, so this isn’t for everyone! The proceeds from the boxing short auction will be donated to a charity for Arab and Jewish youth in distress. (FYI, Roman Greenberg was born in Russia and is Jewish.)

The charity was chosen because games like backgammon are particularily popular in Arab countries, and BackgammonMasters belives that through sports and games, people can connect and put aside their differences. BackgammonMasters isn’t just about backgammon either – the site has created an online version of the Spanish dice came called Perudo. If you’re strictly a backgammon fan though, you’ll find tournaments and regular game play at the site.

This is a sponsored review.

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