cover it

When I was little, we lived in a home in Florida that had been built in the early 50′s. As was the style at the time, the home was built with 2 carports, but no garage. People who moved from the north to a sunnier, and warmer climate like Florida, didn’t see the need to have garages, because we didn’t get snow like they did “back home”. I’m here to tell you – I would take a garage over a carport any day. We may not get snow, but the other weather we do get can ruin the finish on a car just as bad. That’s why my father bought car covers for our vehicles, especially his prized antique car – a completely restored 1968 Ford Falcon. It was his pride and joy, and he was NOT going to let the heat, dust, bugs, or humidity get to that pristine paint job.

As for me, I live in a house with a garage, but you can bet your bippy that if I had to park outside on a regular basis, our vehicles would be sporting car covers. Heck, love bug season alone is enough reason to get a bra cover for your car. Have you seen what a dead love bug can do to a freshly washed car? Their insides can take the paint right off it…ick! I can get a bra cover for my Ford Explorer for only $65. If it saves me (err…Jim) having to wash the car every other day during love bug season, that’s $65 well spent.

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  1. techie says:

    I have this playing on my TV right now. Granted, I think it’s the 100th time it’s been played in my house. It was a good movie.