keeping the castle

I’m slighty scatter brained and disorganized, and one of the areas I’m trying to change my bad habits in is the home. I really WANT to be organized, and have things neat and tidy at all times, because living in a pig sty makes me feel anxious and stressed. Because of that, I was thrilled to find Keeping The Castle – it’s a blog that focuses on housekeeping and homemaking, but Maricar isn’t trying to turn me into the next Martha Stewart. Instead of pushing you to have a PERFECT home, she shares tips that will make your life more relaxed, things that will make keeping house easier, and perhaps even more fun.

From neat product reviews like the ove glove to great cookbooks she’s found for kids, this site is a great resource for those of us wishing to turn our houses into homes.

One Response to “keeping the castle”

  1. Maricar says:

    Hi Colleen,
    Thanks for the jolt! I’m certainly not Martha Stewart myself, and I have no intentions of becoming one. I’m just a homemaker like a lot of moms, who has her good days and her stressful ones. We’re all just trying to keep our own castles the best we can. ;)