bits of random

Another exciting day…

  • I scheduled the carpet steam cleaning for Dec. 23
  • I cleaned up this morning with a sale and some coupon codes for Disney’s online shopping – I saved over $40 and got a few much needed presents, including something for myself.
  • Jim took the checkbook to work with him, so I can’t pay the bills today.
  • My mother just called and invited us for dinner. Hmm…what does she want?
  • I’ve received 2 donations for the 3-Day in 2007 so far!
  • All of my favorite shows are on TV tonight, and that makes me happy.
  • I’m still in my jammies.
  • I haven’t had anything to eat. But I did drink a Coke for breakfast.
  • I wish there was a Toys R Us in our town. I need to go there to finish shopping for the kids, and I’m dreading the drive.
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