increasing your pagerank

Fellow blogger Ron posted about how to increase his pagerank – he likened it to being popular in high school because he played percussion and took advanced math. (Note to Ron: You would not have been popular in my high school. The popular guys skipped school and got stoned out in the baseball dugout) Now that Ron is nearly famous, I have no doubt he’s much more popular (especially with the ladies) than he was in high school.

(Don’t worry Ron, I love you, in that special, Pay Per Postie kind of way that only we can understand…)

2 Responses to “increasing your pagerank”

  1. Ron says:

    Popular by being absent? What a great concept! Maybe I could try that here at work. Nah. I’m already too popular. Being absent would only add a few adjectives to my name, like ‘that son-of-a-#$%#$*’ and ‘unemployed’.

    Thank you for the write-up! You have a special place in my postie heart too. :)


  2. This made me laugh out loud, since my middle son is a drummer who also takes advanced math and science. I’m not sure I’d give him a page rank of much more than 5 — he’s too quirky. ;-)

    But I loved the analogy.

    Have a great weekend,