sindy the shopaholic

Did I mention my friend Sindy, aka the shopaholic, is coming to visit me right after Christmas? Only 15 more days til she leaves on her Christmas Cruise, and she’ll be at my house on December 26th! Maybe we can work up a new Gwen Stefani rap video when she’s here…since she does such a great rap smackdown!

2 Responses to “sindy the shopaholic”

  1. techie says:

    This morning my wife and I were talking about my mother. At some point in the conversation I told her, “My momma don’t take no crap.” She responded, “I didn’t give you permission to say that.” I told her, “You’re not my momma.”

  2. Sindy says:

    Speaking of “my momma don’t take no crap” … did you see the Justine video that says “my momma don’t take no crap” that Justine made? LOL! It’s my Spazoid video that didn’t make the cut.

    Looking forward to see you. :)