pandora’s box

Amy mentioned Pandora as a way to find new music you’d like.  I wondered how someone could tell me what kind of music I’d like, so I had to find out.  It asked me to put in a song title or artist I liked, so I put in John Mayer.  It played “Room For Squares” and then asked me to rate it on this scale:

  • I love it, play more like this
  • I don’t really like this song
  • I’m tired of this song
  • Why is this song playing?
  • I want to add more music like this to my station

So after I rated “Room For Squares” (tired of it, for the record) it played Toad The Wet Sprocket, then Matt Pond PA (didn’t Laura just post a song of his for Music Monday?) and now it’s playing Travis.  I’ve listened to Toad The Wet Sprocket before, but not in YEARS, and it was nice to hear something of theirs that I hadn’t before.  I’ve never heard Matt Pond or Travis, but I liked them both.  Oh, now it’s playing “Covered In Rain” - that’s a new John Mayer I haven’t heard yet.  If you’re looking for new music, but don’t know what you want – Pandora gets 2 snaps up.

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