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4 down, 1 to go

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

I’ve written a total of four essays (and 1,600+ words!) for my religion midterm, and have only one remaining. My instructor handed out a list which included 10 topics, of which we had to pick 5. Madness, I tell you. And in two weeks, I’ve got a 3,000 word research paper due for the same class. And after that, a PowerPoint presentation about my research paper that I have to do in front of the class. Sheesh!

The religion class is required by the university, because it’s a private Catholic school. I’d say about 85% of the people in my class are NOT Catholic, and out of the remaining students, I’m one of the few who still attends the church. It’s made the class quite easy for me – I can’t fathom how my classmates are writing these essays on their own, with their limited knowledge of the church. I’ve been able to draw on personal experience more than once, and it’s been extremely helpful. That said, I’ll still be happy when the class is over, because of the large writing requirement. It sucks up a lot of time!

I registered for the Spring 2 session today…looks like Essential Business Skills (complete fluff class, but required), Principles of Management, and Finite Math are the courses in my immediate future…yay, more math. :eyeroll:

big loser with statistics

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

So…I’m taking this online statistics course at school.

From day 1, I had a weird vibe about the instructor, for more than one reason. I won’t go into them here, but she’s kind of a no negative talk / control freak. She provided lectures for the first 7 chapters which made it a lot easier to follow the chapters. Starting with the 8th chapter, she said no more. We should be able to figure it out on our own by reading the chapter.

Well, 2 chapters into that and I’m NOT figuring it out on my own. It’s a constant struggle, and I know a lecture or some sort of instruction from my INSTRUCTOR would help. She repeated that no lectures would be made available, but if I had a specific question (and after asking several, I know she means a VERY specific question) she would assist.

I called the director of online learning for the university to ask if this was the norm, and he said all teachers are required to provide some course content. He provides power point presentations and chapter notes when he teaches his finance class. My teacher provides practice exercises and study questions – neither of which I consider to be instruction. The director had his people review her course content and they found it to be acceptable. Ridiculous! I can’t believe I’m paying $700 for a class where I’m basically instructing myself.

To add insult to injury, I arranged for a tutoring session on campus for this class this week, and drove 40 minutes one way to get there. When I arrived, the math tutor I had been assigned in advance told me he doesn’t do statistics…despite the fact that I made the appointment for statistics tutoring! I can’t freaking win…

that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Monday, January 14th, 2008

I buckled down tonight after dinner and started working on the paper that’s due for school in a week and a half. I’m proud to say, it’s pretty much done! I didn’t think I could come up with several pages on “The Dynamism of the Human Spirit” but I did it. I’m normally a wait until the last minute kind of girl, but with our trip out of town this week, I knew I’d only have a few days to work on the paper when we returned. Who knows how nuts work will be then (it’s always rough coming back to work from a vacation!) so it seemed like a good idea to get it done now.

Look at that – my first week in school, and I’m already smarter!

1st day of my junior year

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

I guess technically, I’m a junior in college, albeit a 31 year old junior. Happily, since my class is on a Sunday, it’s filled with others my own age, and older, so I didn’t feel too out of place. In fact, there’s a 47 year old woman in my class who will graduate in May…I definitely don’t feel too old to be in school!

I’ve already got a paper to write, which is due when we meet again in 2 weeks. I’m not sure when I’m going to cram that in, given that I’m heading out of town in a few days for a whole week. I do all of my best work at the last minute, so I’m not worried. The first paper is a short one, but then the 2nd (and last) paper has to be 3,000 + words. A few years ago, that would have loomed over me like a death sentence, but since I can easily blog 1,000 words on a mundane topic, I’m not worried at all.

Jim and I met during the break between classes and went to the bookstore and such before parting ways – he had another class, and I got to head home to veg out.

6am comes even earlier on a sunday

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

And why am I getting up so early on a Sunday? This morning I have my first class at college! I know, I know, what kind of diploma mill am I attending that has classes on a SUNDAY? It’s part of the evening / weekend program designed to let adults like me, who have a full time job (and a life) attend college on…well, evenings and weekends. My class starts at 8am and goes til almost noon.

Guess what else? Jim is also taking classes today – two in fact – at the same school! When he saw how flexible the classes and schedules were, he agreed to sign up and see how he did. He’s got even less to go on his degree than I do.

apparently, they’ll let anyone into college now

Friday, October 12th, 2007

I just got back from a meeting with an adviser at St. Leo University, which is a small, private Catholic school in the Tampa area. (It was the school I was supposed to go to back in 1993, in fact!) Yes folks, I was accepted to not one, but TWO colleges here in Tampa. Go figure!

After talking to the adviser at SLU, I found out that my schedule once I’m in the major there is much better for me than USF. At USF, once in the major, I’d need to attend classes all day Tuesday & Thursday. At SLU, once in the major, I can attend every other weekend. Being able to keep my job and full time pay while going to school = huge perk. Plus, they offer online classes for a few of my pre-reqs, and each online class is only 8 weeks long.

I’ll be starting there in January! I’m bummed to miss out on going to the University of South Florida, especially since being a student there would give me access to USF Bulls football tickets, but I need to continue working as long as possible while I’m going to school, and this is the only way to do it.

good news in my inbox!

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Congratulations! You have been admitted to the University of South Florida! On your application for admission you designated your home campus to be: Tampa. For the purposes of calculating your fees and tuition our office has determined that your residency status is: Florida Resident.

I don’t know that I’m actually going to attend the school yet, because I’m waiting to speak with the second, smaller college, but I’m just happy to see that I was accepted. Yay!