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my 15 minutes continue

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a writer from – Real Stories From Real People. And I thought, hey, I’m a real person, I should share my story! So here it is. You like it? Rate it!

interview me

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

There’s a new interview meme going around, and Julie participated on her blog. I asked her to interview me, and she sent me some personalized questions. If you want to join in, leave a comment on this entry saying “Interview me”, and I’ll email you a list of 5 questions. I’ll take the first 5 who ask to be interviewed, and everyone will get different questions. Here’s what Julie asked me:

1. How do you get it all done in one day? Your job, your fund raisers, your blogs? Do you have a schedule that you follow?

What’s a schedule? A typical day for me includes waking up, dropping the kids at school, and then coming home and getting online for the next 8 hours or so. (And more than that, on some days). I multi task a LOT, and I blog as ideas and thoughts pop into my head. And I squeeze work in there too. I’m actually kind of spastic when I get things done, because I’m not slow and methodical, I’m kind of frantic and frazzled.

2. Does Jim keep you up all night with his snoring? Do you ever slug him to try to get him to be quiet? I ask him to roll over. A lot. He’s gotten TONS better since he started using a special nasal spray, but it’s still pretty bad. If I can fall asleep first, I’m good…because I’m a heavy sleeper. But trying to fall asleep when he’s already sawing logs? Not gonna work. I’ve been known to nudge him, kick him, smack his arm, and roll him over on my own.

3. How many shows do you DVR in a week? I counted, just for this, and I DVR 32 shows a week. That’s just the shows, not any multiple episodes that I record. So the actual # of episodes recorded per week is more like 50 or 60. Here’s a small sampling of what my DVR is set to catch:

The Wonder Years
The Office
The Amazing Race
Tori & Dean Inn Love
Two and a Half Men
The Class
The Real Deal
Moving Up
How I Met Your Mother
Buy Me
Property Ladder

I also record the occasional special on TLC, or a movie for the kids or us.

4. Do you think we’re going to see Jim and Pam do it on The Office this season, or will they drag it out for another 10 seasons?

It’s television, they are SO going to drag this out for another 10 seasons. And if and when Jim and Pam hook up, they’re going to break up, so that we have more to watch.

5. Do you have any regrets? Way too many to list here, but the things I regret made me who I am too. If I hadn’t gotten pregnant when I was 18, I wouldn’t have Catherine. If my parents had sent me to the private Catholic university I wanted to attend, I wouldn’t have met Jim. And I regret choices I’ve made, of course – don’t we all? But hindsight is 20/20 and all that, and I can’t go back in time and change anything now.

self portrait sunday 4/8/07

Monday, April 9th, 2007

I was all dressed up for Easter yesterday, so it was a good time to participate in Self Portrait Sunday! I had purchased a cute little sleeveless shirt to wear, but because our temps dipped down, I had to cover it up with a jacket…so you’re getting a 2-for-1 self portrait, because I wanted to show off both!

sps4907 1

sps4907 2

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blogger’s choice awards

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

PayPerPost will be having an awards ceremony at PostieCon in June, and I’ll be at PostieCon. Wouldn’t it be sweet to top off the weekend with a nice award to take home? Yeah, I think so too! This blog was nominated for hottest mommy blogger by one of my blogging friends (thanks, Marcus!), so if you agree, head on over to vote at the Blogger’s Choice Awards.

Some of the other blogs I author were also nominated, so if you like ‘em, vote for those as well:

3DayMom is up for best charity blog.

Vote for GeekySpeaky as best geek blog.

BuyMeBlog is up for best shopping blog.

My husband is up for best sports blog. Vote for The Hockey Dad!


Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

This was said to me in an email yesterday from Mr. Fabulous:

“You appear all “June Cleaverish”, but underneath it all, you are a saucy little thing!”

If I had a Dooce header, that would be my new tagline.


Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007

I was tagged for this meme by Deb – she wants to know what I obsess over.

1. Shaving. If I don’t shave every day, I feel dirty. I hate the feeling of stubble, and I’m very aware of it if I don’t shave my legs EVERY day.

2. Television. I have my shows that I need to watch every week, and if I don’t see them – I feel out of whack.

3. Coke. I need a Coke to wake up in the morning, and I usually drink one before bed too. And about 3 or 4 more throughout the course of the day. (I’m the picture of health!)

4. Checking email. Again, it has to be done when I wake up, and I do it right before bed. I like to know all of my emails are taken care of before I drift off to sleep, and I try to respond to everything on the same day I get it.

5. Planning for my travels. I am such a planner…I plan too much at times. I like to know what’s happening, when it will be happening, who is going, where are we going, and when will we get there? I already have our trip to Canada all mapped out in my head, and we’re not going for another 2 months. I’m not a go with the flow traveler.

I’m tagging you, you, you….umm…you. And you.

my own version of lost

Monday, March 26th, 2007

Ann tagged me on this desert island meme. I’m at the top of her list…for tech support. LOL!

If I was ever marooned on a deserted island, here’s who I’d bring along:

Jim – he’s put up with me for 14 years, and I’d miss him. Besides, someone has to built the hut! And a boat. And fetch me coconuts.

Mr. Fabulous – for the comic relief. I always get a laugh when I read his blog, so I can only hope he’s as funny in person.

Ted Murphy – maybe I’d finally get that inside access to opps that everyone thinks I already have? Gotta keep making money, even on the island – coconuts don’t come cheap!

Deb – living on an island isn’t an excuse to let yourself go. I’m sure Deb can figure out a way to keep us all pretty. Perhaps pedicures with a sea salt scrub, and facials with fresh mango?

(I know some of you have been tagged on this already – I just wanted to pick people without worrying about that!)

king of this jungle

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

I saw this on LaDonna’s blog and thought it would be fun. I’m a Leo through and through, so I wanted to see if the traits I chose for myself would prove that. Did you see the “bad about me” section? “You have to be the boss, and you love to control others”. HA! Is that a bad thing?

You Should Be A Leo

What’s good about you: you always speak your mind and aren’t scared of anything

What’s bad about you: you have to be the boss, and you love to control others

In love: you enjoy being admired and pampered, but don’t always reciprocate

In friendship, you’re: easy to get along with and the center of attention

Your ideal job: member of royalty, TV anchor, or investment banker

Your sense of fashion: classic well fitting clothes that last forever

You like to pig out on: Greek or Italian food

What Sign Should You Be?

rockstartup audition

Monday, March 5th, 2007

A week or so ago, Ted put the call out for PayPerPost bloggers to audition for a spot on RockStartUp. One would think my totally awesome reverse postie patrol video would be enough of audition (I’m a natural, baby!) but I suppose Ted doesn’t want to play favorites, so I have to audition like anyone else interested. I worked up a video this morning, using oversized flash cards a la Inxs. I think this video proves without a doubt I can think on my feet – I did this in ONE take! I think it proves I’m creative (possibly a bit crazy) too, even if I didn’t pull out the Fifi outfit :-)


self portrait sunday 3/4/07

Sunday, March 4th, 2007

It’s been a few weeks since I participated in Self Portrait Sunday, but I was just going through the blogs in my feed reader and was reminded that I could still join in for today!

Jim brought home these gorgeous flowers yesterday for me – actually, the bouquet was a lot bigger, but I pulled all of the white ones out and put them in a crystal vase in the family room. These purple and yellow blooms were on the table in the dining room, so I got up close and personal with them. Around 3am, when my allergies will kick in, I will regret posing with flowers so close to my nose.


To participate in Self Portrait Sunday, take a picture of yourself, post it, and then head to Digi-Cass to let her know!

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