tv + shopping = as seen on tv

Anyone reading this that knows me is well aware of my long standing love affair with the television. Or rather, not the television itself, but the programming on the idiot box. I’m a lover of sitcoms, dramas, documentaries, reality TV and almost anything else you’ll find in your TV guide. I even love infomercials. Who hasn’t gotten sucked into watching Ron Popiel tout the merits of his Showtime Rotisserie cooker, only to realize later that you’ve just spent an hour watching an extended version of a commercial? While I try not to let that happen too much, I do appreciate and love the short infomercial. I actually stop fast forwarding through commercials for the latest color and style of Snuggie, or the Instyler, or anything Billy Mays ever sold, and I’ll admit to ordering many of the products pitched to me over the airways, such as the Smart Spin and the Urine Gone. I’m betting a lot of you have done the same.

Of course, with many folks being tight on cash this year, or simply wanting to make smart shopping choices before plunking over their hard earned dollars for the latest gimmicky thing they’ve seen on the boob tube, it’s great to have a resource that gives you the low-down on all of your favorite infomercial products BEFORE you buy. A few magazines seem to publish something like this every few months, but who wants to wait for a magazine to tell you if a product is good, or crap? That’s where As Seen on TV comes in handy. The site rates all of the “As Seen on TV” products you love and gives you reviews from REAL consumers who bought and tried the product. Yes, the reviews are from real people, not the people paid to say good things about the product on TV. There are written reviews as well as video reviews, giving you the chance to see how real people use the product. Is it really as easy as it looks on TV? Does it really work like they show on TV?

Take the Instyler for example, a product I have always wondered about. There are lots of women who tried the Instyler that love it and shared their comments with As Seen on TV, and a few naysayers who don’t like the product…but they don’t appear to have bought it either! I really enjoyed watching the videos of the InStyler in use and it really does seem (almost) as easy to use as shown in the commercials. That must be why it’s ranked #4 on the list of the top 10 As Seen on TV products. Has anyone out there tried it? Do you agree with the ranking or not?

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