the one in which i recall i have a blog

Funny how blogging has really fallen to the wayside for me in the past year or so. I received an email reminding me this domain name was up for renewal and I figured if I’m going to pay to renew it, I might as well use it once a month.

The sad thing is, there’s really not much to report here. I’ve returned to school with the goal of getting my Masters degree and studing is a complete time suck. Well worth it of course, since I’m getting A’s in my courses, but a time suck nonetheless. The children continue to grow and it’s a bit surreal to me to have a daughter I can share shoes and clothes with…certainly we don’t share everything since some of her things aren’t appropriate for me and vice versa, but it’s nice to have a spare closet at my disposal from time to time. Work is awesome and I’ll be going on a little business trip next week to one of our new sites in Philadelphia and meeting a bunch of people in person that until now I’ve only interacted with via email and the phone.

I had the privilege to be at an amazing wedding last night and got a bit teary during all of the toasting and dancing and the general sense of LOVE filling the room from the families and friends of the bride and groom. We’ve got a family wedding coming up in a few months and last night really pysched me up for the events to come. I took home one of the centerpieces and have it sitting on my kitchen island as a reminder of what our family has to look forward to!

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