parlez-vous anglais?

I’ll be using the phrase in the title will be used a lot over the coming week because Jim and I are off to Montreal in the morning! Back in December, he asked me if I wanted “stuff” for Christmas or if he could surprise me with a trip instead. Of course, I selected the trip! On Christmas morning I opened up our itinerary which includes 5 nights at a beautiful 5 star resort in downtown Montreal.

Now, you’re probably wondering why we’d want to go to Montreal for 5 days. I’m pausing here to look at the weather app on my phone. It’s currently 30 degrees and snowing there. The forecast for the remainder of the week consists of highes in the upper 20′s and snow daily. For this Florida girl, it’s HEAVEN! I can’t wait to ski, go ice skating outside, and toboggan down the hills at Parc du Mont-Royal. We’re even planning to squeeze in a side trip to Quebec City to see the sites there.

Did I mention we’re leaving our kids at HOME? Heaven, I tell you!

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