i guess this means i’m back!

I suppose that this series of posts over the past few days means that I’m back as a regular blogger. Without school occupying my every waking moment, I have more free time…so here I am. You get bullet points tonight, because hey, I’ve been to happy hour and bullets are easier than paragraphs.

  • Less than 2 months remain until IzeaFest! I purchased my ticket months and months ago – I can’t really pass up a blogging conference in Orlando…a mere 2 hours from my house. Throw in a scavenger hunt (I was on the winning team last year, as you may recall!) and a SeaWorld blogger takeover and I was ALL IN. Of course, it helps that the conference means a mini-vacation for me…no kids, no husband, all bloggers, all geek speak, all weekend. Bliss!
  • Billy Mays was snorting coke and that’s what led to his death. I didn’t expect that one. I’m a bit naive about drug use I suppose…
  • Speaking of drug use, I’m in agreement with Laura that Crackbook Facebook is killing blogging. It is WAY easier to bore people with mini-updates there than full blog posts here.
  • I’m going to see the local team play baseball tomorrow. Meeting my sister, taking the kids – full on best mom ever mode. Yay me!

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