cum laude is one of those phrases…

…that sounds dirty, but isn’t.

graduationIt means “with praise”, and it’s an honor added to diplomas and degrees for work that is above average. It’s going to be on the degree that I’ll be getting, having graduated last weekend fro Saint Leo University with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management.

Was it really just a year ago when I entered the university as a junior and blogged about taking my first class after an absence of several years from school? Yep! Here I am, just over a year later, having received that degree, and I’ve already been able to use my new education to get myself a 15% pay increase over what I was making this time last year. Talk about putting my education to work for me!

Not only did I graduate, but my husband received his degree as well, after being out of college for 13 years. It was a very unique experience, walking together from the library to the auditorium with our classmates and sitting side by side during the ceremony. Thanks to alphabetical order, I received my degree just in front of him and it was neat hearing them call our names, one right after the other.

Now here I am, contemplating going back for an M.B.A. with a concentration in Human Resources…who would have thunk it?

5 Responses to “cum laude is one of those phrases…”

  1. Avitable says:

    Congratulations on graduating!

  2. Julie says:

    That’s so amazing! Congratulations you two!

  3. Sheila says:

    Congratulations to the both of you!

  4. Steve says:

    Congrats Colleen! Keep going…

  5. yasinta says:

    Congratz..! For the Cum laude and for the 15% increase in salary, hehe… I was targeting Cum Laude few semesters ago, and now with a GPA of 3.6 I should have been able to get it. But just few months ago, in January, the requirements to get Cum Laude changed and I’m not in the line anymore. So it’s okay. By the way, I’m in Bachelor Degree for Financial Management.