buy computer memory online

During my class yesterday, my professor (not the most technological person ever…but a nice lady) was complaining about filling up her flash drive too quickly. She’s been putting her PowerPoint slides for each weeks lecture on her flash drive and bringing it to school with her so she can pop it onto the computer in class and display the slides on the projector. Her daughter told her to invest in an external hard drive, and I think that’s the way to go. The computer memory on the new external hard drives is a really versatile option for someone like my professor. Instead of putting a single lecture on a flash drive, she can pop all of her lectures for the entire course onto an external hard drive and have all of her course content at her fingertips – tests, quizzes, slides, and even handouts.

Computer memory options like the external hard drives I linked to above have gotten amazingly cheap over the past few years. I remember being amazed seeing computers with a 6GB hard drive in the late 90′s, and now it’s not uncommon to buy a PC with a 160GB hard drive. You can buy more memory online as well as video cards, optical drives and laptop batteries.

Come to think of it, I should probably take my own advice and get an external hard drive to store all of my digital pictures on…or I’m going to need some more memory myself!

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