monday savings

My whole lunch hour on Monday was spent stocking up on savings!

First I went to Wal-Greens, where I snagged:

1. A bottle of SoftSoap body wash, on sale for $3.99 minus the $1.00 off coupon I had. With each purchase of this body wash this week, you get a FREE coupon that prints with your receipt for the purchase of a free bottle.

2. Halls couch drops – free with a coupon!

3. Two boxes of Life cereal, on sale for 2/$5 minus the $1 off 2 boxes coupon I had. That made each box $2 plus I received $2 in Register Rewards for a future purchase.

Next it was on to CVS:

1. Cleaning supplies were on sale 2/$5 with $1 in EBC back, so I bought a bottle of Fantastik and a bottle of Scrubbing Bubbles. I had coupons for each bottle making my out of pocket cost $3.25 AND I got $1 in ECB too!

2. I bought a Paas egg coloring kit for $1.99 and got $1.99 in ECB back…we’re dying eggs for free this year!

3. I used a rain check for some body wash that had been out of stock, so I paid $4.99 for the body wash but I got $5 in ECB back.

4. I purchased Ponds cleanser ($6.99) and Ponds cleansing cloths ($3.99) for a total of $10.98 so I could qualify for the “Buy $10 worth of Ponds and get $5 in ECB back” deal.

6. I bought All Small & Mighty detergent on sale for $4.49 and had a $.45 off coupon.

7. Peeps!! 3 packages for the kids Easter baskets…only $.96 a box!

8. Halls cough drops – completely FREE with coupon!

My total out of pocket at CVS was 14.39 with tax. That includes my manufacturer coupons and $10 in ECB I put towards today’s purchase. Not too shabby!!

4 Responses to “monday savings”

  1. Brad Cohen says:

    With 2 twins and a wife out of a job I am going to be a fan of this site and how i can save a few bucks.


  2. Tracie Harrell says:

    My three children are in their twentys and I still push coupons on them. It is amazing how much they help out when money is tight. Every penny saved these days helps a lot.

  3. Terri says:

    I started couponing along with CVS ECB strategies recently after losing a good client who retired whch dropped my income, I should have lived more frugally for years, better late than never:)

  4. Yasinta says:

    Fun shopping! I love that idea and read about them at Oprah’s site. We don’t often have such coupons here, but we try to impose on sale (special price) and/or free packages when shop, lol..
    I don’t know what ECB is, but must be so useful. Nice!
    Ohya, I think the Pond’s cleanser is much more cheaper in my country,Indonesia. It’s below US$2