hobnobbing with high society

Friday night Jim and I had the opportunity to attend a charity event thanks to his employer who was a major sponsor of the event. Overnight I went from slinging mac n’ cheese to my kids at home to mingling with the toast of Tampa society at the University of Tampa. The event is a major fundraiser for the group that sponsors the whole shindig, and you’ve never seen so many rich old white people in your LIFE. The average age of the room had to be at least 65. A few of Jim’s coworkers and their wives joined us and we did enjoy ourselves at the open bar and by eating all of the free shrimp we could get our hands on. I bid (on accident) on airfare vouches but somehow escaped without paying for them and Jim bid (on purpose) on a signed Tampa Bay Lightning jersey and won it for $50…because apparently you just can’t have enough autographed Lightning memorabilia!

Quite honestly, one event like that a year is enough for me. It’s fun to get dressed up and eat free food but I’m just as comfortable at home in my jammies serving up that mac n’ cheese!

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