the inside joke on 30 rock

Did anyone catch the inside joke Jack Donaghy (as played by Alec Baldwin) made last night during his confession scene on 30 Rock? He said, “I once stated that I was God in a deposition”…I nearly fell off my couch laughing! Maybe you sit in front of the idiot box less than I do, so you’re clueless…I’ll fill you in. In the movie Malice, Alec played a doctor with a God complex, and he gives a disposition in which he states “I am God!”

Here’s the scene in case you don’t recall it. You can also enjoy Alec’s youthful appearance – slim build and face, dark hair, practically wrinkle free….sigh. Those were the good old days, weren’t they?

One Response to “the inside joke on 30 rock”

  1. God I love 30 Rock so much. After Arrested Development went off the air I NEED a smart comedy show to keep me from going insane.

    Although man, I wish it was an hour and not 30 minutes. The episodes seem so short.