norm freaking macdonald

About a month or so ago I got an email from a club mailing list I belong to letting me know that Norm MacDonald would be in town doing stand-up this weekend. I immediately booked 2 tickets to his show as a pre-Valentine’s date night for the husband and myself. norm macdonaldWe both remember watching Norm as the Weekend Update anchor on Saturday Night Live, and we loved him in the movie Dirty Work (which happens to be one of, if not the last film Chris Farley ever made.) Norm has also been the voice of “Death” on Family Guy, another favorite of ours.

Anyway, I ended up scoring 2nd row seats in this little club, and we sat with 2 ladies from out of town who were enjoying their first visit to the club. Jim was a little worried about the show, never having seen Norm do stand-up bits, and I got that – funny in a movie or on TV doesn’t always translate to funny in person. I’m happy to report that Norm MacDonald is hilarious in person. His dead pan delivery, the sarcastic style – he has this way about him that says “I’m not trying to be funny, but it just happens.” And sitting 6 feet away from him while he did that? Magical.

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  1. Jessica says:

    I LOVE the movie Dirty Work. It’s a great one that not too many people know about. I’m sure you had a great time at the live show.